Join The Dream Team

If you would like to serve on the Dream Team, please click the ‘Serve’ button below.

Events – This team assists with coordination, planning, design, set-up, and hospitality for events and special projects within the church calendar year.

Frontline (Parking Lot)  – This team provides a touch of classy service to all guests and visitors of the church in order to make their church and special events a memorable experience from the time they arrive. This team also provides transportation to members who desire to attend worship gatherings and scheduled events.

Health & Wholeness – This team helps members “prosper and be in health” through educational seminars, fitness training, and provide medical assistance during our worship gatherings.

Media Team – This team utilizes technology to connect people around the world and provides a creative environment.  These individuals are responsible for photography, audio/visual duties, and media resources.

Member Services – This team serves as the information center for members and visitors. It provides accurate and up-to-date information to members and visitors by serving as the epicenter for information distribution, event registration, and integration into the life of Change Church.

NextGen – This is team serves in youth church and small groups for youth ages pre-k to fifth grade. They assist leading youth into a passionate relationship with God in a fun-filled, safe and friendly environment.

Security Team – This team provides a safe and secure environment for worshippers before, during, and after worship.

Temple Team – This team serves as part of our breathtaking experience by maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the facilities.

Welcome Team – This team serves as our welcome team for our first-time guest.

Worship Arts – These team consists of those who are called and gifted to express worship to God through song, creative expressions of dance, drama, mime, rap and spoken word.

Host Team – This team serves to help produce and maintain a transformative worship experience by creating an authentic atmosphere of love and acceptance for all people attending Change Church worship gatherings.

A* Team – This team functions to support the works of Change Church by carrying the administrative weight (Dream Team, Events, Operations).

Social Media – This team serves as digital evangelist to help spread the message through a social strategy to help bring Change Church to the world through our digital platforms.

Online Host– This team serves as our Welcome, Member Services, and Change team all in one by welcoming viewers form across the world in the chat, answering questions, sharing helpful links/resources, and connecting with people through our weekly online Change experiences or online special events.

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