FIT Team (First Impressions Team)

Frontline – The Frontline Team provides authentic and welcoming expressions for guests arriving on the grounds of Change Church. This team provides a touch of classy service to all guests and visitors of the church to make their church and special events a memorable experience from the time they arrive. It should excite you and give you joy each time you see a person driving up to worship with our family, and your joy and excitement should be expressed in the manner you greet them.

Hosts – This produces and maintains a transformative worship experience by creating an authentic an atmosphere of love and acceptance for all people attending Change Church worship gatherings. This team provides a warm and exciting experience by greeting, assisting, and seating guests.

Member Services – Member Services Team serves as the information center for members and visitors. It provides accurate and up-to-date information to members and visitors by serving as the epicenter for information distribution, event registration, and integration into the life of Change Church. The Member Services team aids in eliminating alienation and frustration by providing breathtaking customer-focused friendly service to all we encounter. Integrating members into the life of Change Church is one of the primary concerns of the church, and this venue will provide the necessary information and tools needed to enhance the member’s overall experience of God and Change Church.