EMT Team (Essential Ministries Team)

Health & Wholeness – The purpose of the Health & Wholeness team is to release parishioners from the mentality and culture of unhealthy living. This team helps members “prosper and be in health” through educational seminars, fitness training, and providing medical assistance during our worship gatherings. We serve as medical liaisons in the event of a medical emergency. Our team helps to medically assist the people of God in ensuring their safety and well-being while attending Change Church worship gatherings and special events.

Temple Team– This team ensures a breathtaking experience through the ministry of help. We embody the heart of “Anything, Everything, or nothing at all.” This team facilitates a breathtaking experience for services and special events by setting up, breaking down, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring the functionality of our facilities.

Security– This team helps provide a safe and secure environment before, during, and after worship
gatherings and special events.