Dream Team LA

If you would like to serve on the Dream Team, please click the ‘Serve’ button below.

Events – This team assists with coordination, planning, design, set-up, and hospitality for events and special projects within the church calendar year.

Parking Lot (Frontline) – This team provides a touch of classy service to all guests and visitors of the church in order to make their church and special events a memorable experience from the time they arrive. This team also provides transportation to members who desire to attend worship gatherings and scheduled events.

Health & Wholeness – This team helps members “prosper and be in health” through educational seminars, fitness training, and provide medical assistance during our worship gatherings.

iCare – This team embraces our culture to show kind affection to one another. It is multi-faceted and encompasses a wide variety of tasks, assignments, and duties. They express love, warmth, and a sense of invitation to all worshippers and ensures that they are comfortable and free to focus on their change experience.

Media Team – This team utilizes technology to connect people around the world and provides a creative environment.  These individuals are responsible for photography, audio/visual duties, and media resources.

Member Services – This team serves as the information center for members and visitors. It provides accurate and up-to-date information to members and visitors by serving as the epicenter for information distribution, event registration, and integration into the life of Change Church.

Temple Team – This team serves as part of our breathtaking experience by maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the facilities.

Welcome Team – This team serves as our welcome team for our first-time guest.