Change Learning Groups

Change Groups are subject-specific small groups that help you to improve your understanding about purpose, character, health, finances, relationships, or other life-related subjects. Change groups require registration. Classes are held on Tuesdays at 7pm for our Westampton location and Thursdays at 7pm for our Ewing location.

Big Idea – Each Sunday, Pastor gives a powerful word. The Big Idea group allows you to better understand the sermon, and discuss key principles in small groups. Big Idea groups are held on Tuesdays at 7pm at the Westampton campus, and Thursdays at 7pm at the Ewing campus. No registration required, so come join us.

Entrepreneurs Group – This six-week group is for all prospective business owners, current business owners, or leaders in the marketplace who desire to expand their brand and learn practical principles to excel as a leader. Using Bishop Jakes’s resource Soar, we will explore key leadership principles that will help you to clarify your vision, your go. Register

Stronger, Closer, Better, Group – According to a recent survey done by Huffington Post, 88% of respondents own a Bible, 80% think the Bible is sacred, 61% percent wish they read the bible more, but only 26% said they read their Bible on a regular basis. This six-week Bible Study Group intends to help Change Agents strengthen their core, and is designed to reach every member on every level. Each week we will walk through several chapters of scripture together, using the accompanying resource Stronger, Closer, Better as a guide to help shape our conversations. Groups begin on 01/​23​/18 at the Westampton campus and 01/​25​/18 at the Ewing campus. Register

Financial Freedom – In order to live your best life, God wants you to be financially free. At Change Church, one of our core values is honesty, and this group intends to help you become more honest about your resources, your finances, your savings, and your plan. Join this six-week group if you desire practical tips on financial health and credit recovery. Your life will never be the same! Groups begin at the Westampton campus on 01/​23​/18 and at the Ewing campus on 01/​25​/18. Register

Healthier Life Group – God designed our bodies to be healthy, and provided everything we need to thrive. But sometimes we need help and accountability to change our health patterns and transform our lives. Join this six-week group if you desire to live a healthier life. Together, we will walk through key principles from medical and fitness experts to help you live your best life now! Groups begin at the Westampton campus on ​01​/​23​/18 and at the Ewing campus on 01/​25​/18. Register

Man Cave – Males are born, men are made. As God’s made men, God has designed us to help one another, to sharpen each other, and to empower each other. In this group, the men of Change Church will gather on Tuesday night at the Westampton Campus for prayer, encouragement, and conversation.   Register